Mt. Carmel United Methodist Church
Saturday, June 25, 2016







                The founders of Mt. Carmel had a dream of a church which would be a focal point for the community. The church would be the center of activity and its doors would be open to all interested persons.

                In the spring of 1884, one of the early landowners in Anne Arundel County, along with his neighbors, decided that a local community church was needed. Jefferson M. Cook called Wesley Linthicum, Sr., John Ellison, Henry Linstid, and James Williams together and they planned for the construction of the original building. The corner stone was laid later in the same year.


                Today, the dream is not lost. One hundred and twenty-six years since its birth, Mt. Carmel continues to be the community church. In these days, we are growing at a rapid rate and we are more involved in the areas of concern in our world. We are moved by hunger, justice, peace, racism, and any social problem that hinders persons from becoming whole. Mt. Carmel today is a congregation of “ministers” developing a sensitivity to human need like the dream of the church founders.


                We are eager to expand our programs, ideas, and services. Let us carry on the dream of our founders. Won’t you join us in praising God and serving people?