Mt. Carmel United Methodist Church
Sunday, May 29, 2016



The Way Homes Outreach Mission


Mt. Carmel has recently become involved with an outreach mission here in Pasadena that was founded in 2008.  This mission provides a healthy, drug/alcohol-free environment for female and male individuals who have committed to a 12-step program with Jesus Christ as their higher power.  We supply them with Welcome Bags for new clients. The bags are filled with personal hygiene items as well as paper towels, bath tissue, and other necessities for daily living.



Sarah's House Ministry
In September of 2006, the Mt. Carmel Disciple Bible Study class was prodded by the Prophets to undertake a homeless shelter ministry. They began, and continue, to serve dinner on the third Sunday of the month at Sarah's House, a shelter for homeless families located at Ft. Meade. Shortly thereafter, a class member reported that he had told the employees at his company - Mercier's Tree Service - of the ministry. The employees began, and continue, to donate $1.00 each per week, so the monthly meal is fully funded. The congregation learned of the ministry and asked what else was needed at Sarah's House. The class got a list together and publishes a Sarah's House Wish each month in the church bulletin and newsletter. The class of 2008 realized that about two-thirds of the guests at Sarah's House are children. So they collected some children's books to read to the children after the meal while their parents do K.P. Each child picks a book to be read. Class members start each book with the assembled children and the book picked by each child is kept by him or her as a gift. To maintain a supply of books (20 to 30 are given away each month) a Birthday Club was started. Church members who are listed in the monthly church newsletter birthday list are asked to donate a child's book to the Sarah's House ministry. What began with a few Bible students has grown - and continues to grow - to a ministry that the whole Church has embraced.