Mt. Carmel United Methodist Church
Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunday School

We are excited to be a part of the children's journey with Christ.  Children are encouraged to bring friends with them to Sunday School. 
In October students will do chores at home to earn money for Unicef.
Sunday School Staff 2011-20112
Class                                                                                                                    Teachers             
Pre-K                                                                                                   Kim Garnett
Grades Kindergarten/1                                                                         Donna Helowicz
Grades 2/3                                                                                           Donna Woods
Grades 4/5                                                                                           Cindy Hart
Grades 6-8 (Middle School)                                                                   Leslie Fauconnet
Grades 9-12 (High School)                                                                    Phil Rilee and Gary Miller
Nursery Supervisor                                                                               Jennifer Huber
Adult Ed and Disciple                                                                             Bill Paull
Superintendents of Sunday School                                                         Debbie McMurtry and Gloria Paul
Youth Group Leaders                                                                             Pastor Mike and Paul Fauconnet
Youth Group Administrative Assistant                                                     Paul Fauconnet
The children have been asked to do chores at home for money for Unicef.  On October 23 during coffee hour students will host a bake sale to support unicef.